My wishlist items!

hey everyone, okay sorry i keep babblin on about my wishlist but i just wanted to tell everyone that i am soo happy for those who have gotten me gifts! you really know how to make a girl smile! haha but yeah i cant wait to get them and if you havent checked it out yet you should just see if you see anything u thnk i would be hott looking in! haha but yeah today has been pretty much a chill day. layed around goofed on the computer. im going to get my nails done some time soon and well im supposed to be taking some naughty pics later! haha i cant wait:) im going to be going to toms later and a bunch of us wil be going out to dinner to jus catch up on things. im really excited. i always like to catch up on things:) but yeah i need to give tinker a bath, i know thats off topic but lol she needs one i think, hehe she always looks like a big furball after she gets one. but yeah oh one more thing, i now have my private cam system done and u can now book what day and time u want to see me;) im really excited and cant wait! well talk to u soon! kisses

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