WOW this week has SUCKED! I have had a cold and then some other probs I dont want to share…lol…as much as I think you all dont wanna know. lol. My nose has been so fucking super stuffy and just fucking……eeeewwwwwwwwwwww…WHICH…made my throat super sore and giving me a world of…all kinds of sore all over the place from the neck up giving me migraines, making my teeth hurt, my eyes hurt…just damn. *pouts in defeat* I’m also packing for the move still and when I’m not the only one doing it…it gets a little hard. Sometimes people pack stuff up you need when they think its something you laid out to pack up or something like that…so I have had to dig through a bunch of boxes to try and find silly stuff that I need every day or maybe every other day. Well I have a headache and my neck hurts and stuff so Im gunna jump off here. Take care and cant wait to see you all at cam tomorrow. Muah! Everybody please….wish me well….or atleast a little better. lol.

-Liz Vicious- xoxo

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