fun in girls bathroom

I have the most fun story to tell you!  This afternoon after class I went down to the mall to do some more window shopping for the holidays.  I stopped at the food section and got a big coke in a cup and went about my shopping.  Well after about 45 minutes I had to pee really bad!  So I went into the first bathroom I could find.

I went into the stall and closed the door.  While I was sitting there I hear some strange noise coming form the stall next to me.  It sound like quiet moaning then stopped. I shook my head and just went pee pee.  When I was done, I heard the moaning again!  I was afraid maybe someone was sick, so I peeked into the small crack between the door.  I could not believe my eyes what I saw!

Inside the stall was a man and woman.  The man was sitting on the toilet, and the girl was on his lap!  She was slowly grinding back and forth, and her eyes were closed so she could not see me.  Every so often she would close her eyes tight and bite her bottom lip.  I could not see the man, only part of his legs and his pants at the bottom of his feet.  My hand found the inside of my panties as I was mesmerized by what I saw. I watched them for what seemed like an hour.

I heard the entrance bathroom door open and I quickly raced out the door without even seeing who came inside.  I hurried home to touch my tiny bald pussy and remember what I saw!

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