changing room view

Today after class I went over to the lingerie store to go shopping! With all of the hiloday decorations everywhere I wented to look for some sexy lingerie that had the colors of Christmas in them, either red or green.

When i went in the store it was so busy! I think that some other girls had similar ideas to get some lingerie for presents for Christmas. The changing rooms were constantly full of beautiful brown Asia girls running in and out halfway dressed, showing off their gift ideas to friends!

I noticed a changing room that I thought was empty and opened the curtain. I was so surprised to se the beautioful bare bottom of a cute Japanese girl!!! Her back was to me, and she didn’t hear me open the curtain. I stood there for a second and admired her soft milky white skin and petite body. She was so sexy! Then I was in for another surprise. She bent down to pull up her panties, and her legs shifted open and I saw the bottom of her soft pussy lips! They were a beautiful light color of pink and slightly opened when she leaned over.

I quietly closed the curtain and waited my turn for her to finish. But I can’t get that wonderful naughty image out of my mind!!!

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