Second painting up for auction!

hey hey, ok so i know you all have seen my beautiful paintings i did, all on my own:) hehe well the first one was sold to one of my favorite members and now i have the second one , which is the imprint of my booty and well ill let u figure the rest out! hehe so right now its up for auction, the auction will last 10 days so make sure you cum check it out:) ill post it in the member forum as well:)

So today i have been running around like crazy! lol but i think i might be going out tomorrow night so i need to make sure i get rested tonight:) hehe and dont forget ill be heading to detroit to make an appearence at the sevin night club! so make sure u cum see me if you live in detroit:) Or want to make alittle trip out to hang with me! hehe i will be there february 3rd. well i think its time for me to get a hot shower and relax on the bed! hehe think of me! kisses

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