Its tuesday!

hah yeah it is and jus wanted to remind everyone that my show is not today, i did the show i usually do on tuesdays last night right before my other show:) so today i woke up and was feeling hugry, so guess what i ate:( i gave in again and ate some chocolate:( lol im supposed to be on a diet, wow is it sucking! lol but anyways im thinking about going for a jog later so i can feel better! hehe i guess im jus wanting to get fit so bad and i really want to try hard! i jus need someone here to tell me no!lol Wish you could be here to tell me that! haha other then that i have dinner plans tonight with a few friends that are in town so ill be behaving myself ) ill be eating a nice juicy steak! haha but hey thats not bad for you! hehe oh and if you havent seen it yet, i made the february issue front cover of FRONT magazine! so check it out, it comes out thursday!

Raven Riley Front Magazine Cover


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