Living room Cam

Hi Guys,

  Happy Saturday!  Brett and I are going to stay in tonight and watch a movie.  Well, after we get our work done that is.  We fell behind on somethings while we had so many visitors in town.  I love having people come visit us but it does make it hard to stay on top of everything when they are on vacation and want a tour guide.  It is nice to have our whole place back.  Now we can snuggle up on the couch naked again.  I have the living room cam on so you can peek in on us. 

Oh, since you can only use 1 pc to broadcast to each house I have the living room cam/ floater cam hooked up under Bretts’ account.  If you go to my voyeur house page you can get to it real easy by clicking “See the other houses”  just scroll sides ways till you see me. )

     Kisses, Sammy

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