had so much fun in detroit!

hey hey ok so i had a blast in detroit this weekand! hehe and well im soo happy i met some of my members and met alot of my fans! hehe i love ya all and thanks for welcoming me:) one cool thing that was soo much fun was jus hanging out with everyone, taking pics, and also getting up on stage and dancing to my shit! haha yeah towards the end of the night it started getting soo freaking cold, omg it was below 0 at one point, it was nuts, but we went to the afterparty lol and well it was at eminems house! haha  it was soo  pretty and i cant wait to go back there and party it up! haha i met alot of my fans out there as well. it was just an overall great time. so now im in a poopy mood, have had major cramps and jus ready to take a nap already!lol i need to answer some of my emails, but oh well i jus wanted to say hey and im back and ill be seeing my members tonight at 8pm est time! kisses

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