at the airport

At the airport now waiting for my plane to get here and well im soo freaking tired, lol i just want to curl up in a ball and go to bed. So i missed my flight yesterday and so last second i got another flight and well its now morning and i flew out last night at midnight! hah its now 6am and im ready for bed, so as soon as i get home im hitting the bed and may not get to write you when i get back. but one thing is im atleast back in time for my cam show! hehe ill see you guys sunday night at 11pm est time. Also i wanted to tell that we have our own cam system server now so that means i wont be doing any camz shows anymore. ill be picking a new day of the 3rd member only show so if u have any certain day u would want or time just hit me up in the members only forum:) okay so i think im going to get a bite to eat out here but talk to you guys later kisses

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