Feeling Better. :)

Hi Guys,

  I am feeling much better today.  Glad to be pretty much over what ever that was that made me feel so poopy.  Does it seem that you always get sick over the weekend?  Sure seems like that to me.  My job is pretty much the same no matter what day it is but Brett can’t really get out much during the week anymore.  We are going to go out for a brunch this afternoon and then I am going to come home and make another batch of banana bread.  Going to try and make it to the gym after that but not sure my body is quite up for it yet.  Maybe just some light cardio, might actually make me feel even better.  Then off to draw a warm bubble bath.  Been a long time since I have soaked in the tub, sounds good.  Hope your weekend is going good. 

  XO Sammy

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