feeling better today

hey guys so today i feel much better. i wonder what ill do today? hmm well i know one thing i am going to  hang out at the house and i think my cousin might be coming by to finish painting my kitchen, i cant wait till its done! hehe also ill be cleaning up alittle and unpacking as well. i hate unpacking haha i always say that i think im going to just have a suitcase already packed! hehe that sounds like a great idea. other then that if you missed my cam show yesterday well i want to tell you from now on it will be on a hd camera. so the picture is way clear and crisp! dont forget my cam show tomorrow night at 10pm est time on valentines day! hehe yes ill be your valentine if you dont have one:) ill make it real special! hehe ok so i hope everyone has a great day today i hope i do as well, maybe i can work out today and not be lazy! haha kisses

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