hanging at the house

hey hey okay so i just got the first coat painted in my kitchen. soo i think im going to wait til thursday to do the second coat. tomorrow is valentines day and well i was thinking that i would have one of my girlfriends over or even one of my guy friends over and hang out. since i dont have my significant other. haha but yeah also dont forget i have a cam show tomorrow night at 10pm est time tomorrow. so dont miss it! hehe im soo ready to get a massage or something. right now ive been laying around and i just want a nice massage from someone and make me feel relaxed! hehe so anyone wanna help! haha well other then me just wanting some rubbing going on, im watching this really good show right now and have been here watching it all freaking day! i feel like such a bum. ha i cant wait to go on a vacation, really i need to be on the beach hehe so if anyone has anywhere they would recomend jus let me know! haha okay im going to fix a bite to eat! kisses

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