New Movie – Valentine Gift

Happy Valentines Day!

   I uploaded a new movie today that is very fitting for the holiday.

Valentines Gift from Sammy4u (movie)

  Brett and I are going out for dinner tonight.  He actually was able to find a restaurant that didn’t have a crazy set menu.  They have a set menu still, of course, but what they are serving actually sounds appetizing.  Not the usual, funny stuff like lobster dipped in blueberry glaze with a seaweed and fish egg topping, served over ice cream.  Ok, that might be a little bit of an exageration… but really not that far from what alot of the posh restaurants are serving around here.  And they will still be packed, no doubt. 

  Anyways, if you haven’t noticed I changed my Thursday show to Friday for this week.  Not sure if I am going to keep it there or go back to Thursday next week.  I will let you know, when I know.  Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day.

     Pink Kisses, Sammy

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