Sexy Savannah Loves Dark Meat

18 year old Savannah knows how to play: she parties like a rock star and she fucks like a porn star! Her slim tan body begs to have a huge hard black cock stuck inside her wet pussy lips. She wants a big black dick and not just any big black dick: Savannah wants a thick black dick that can make her experienced pussy feel like a virgin’s pussy.

Lucky for Savannah, she found a huge black stud to fuck her right. After introducing herself, she pulls down her tight, ass hugging jeans to show off a butt that would make a sculptor cry. She bends over to show her curves, spreading her cheeks apart to provide an eyeful of entertainment.

Savannah uses some baby oil on her perfect little ass. She drizzles it down her ass cheeks, one and then the other, and then uses her expert hands to rub the oil all over. Her panties pull tight over her little pussy, splitting her lips down the middle so anyone can see the outline of her creamy pie.

Once her black partner is hard and ready to rock, Savannah strips off the rest of her clothes, revealing the perfect tiny little tits of a teenage girl. She rubs her nipples as one hand searches for her secret button, still hidden by her panties. She drops her wet panties to the floor, opening herself to her partner’s enormous manhood. He drives all 14 inches of himself deep inside her waiting teen twat; after several pumps, she pulls him out, strokes him again, and then shoves him back inside her pussy. Her body pulses around his member, taking it all in and causing her to squirt her juices all over his balls.

Once she orgasms on his dick, he has no choice but to force Savannah on to her knees to take his dick into her little mouth. She sucks and licks him until he explodes, spewing pure white cum from his rock hard black cock onto her beautiful waiting lips and tongue.  

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