heading out to detroit!

hey there so i will be heading to detroit here in a little, cant wait, it was a last minute thing i guess you could say. I was invited to come out to club blue in detroit from my friend mitch and im really excited to be heading back to detroit. i had alot of fun last time i went. So if anyone wants to come out to blue and hang out ill be up there tonight and i have got to find something hot n sexy to wear? oh well ill figure it out. hehe but yeah im ready to partaaayyyy. lol ive been in the party mood recently, hehe cant help it! haha but yeah i hope that you all have a great weekand and dont have too much fun! hah when i get back i have a member only cam show. so make sure u come by and see me:) i still need to make another day for my cam show but i need your help on what day and time would be good for you? as of now  i have sunday night at 10pm and monday night at 8pm. so let me know what day u would like for the 3rd cam show day:) well see ya tomorrow kisses

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