Going out to dinner!!

hey sooo its been a great weekand so far and well i went out alittle last night and had alot of fun. hehe maybe alittle too much haha. but yeah today i finally got done with my paint in the kitchen. im soo happy. now the whole house is done! hehe but yeah i can look for decorations now for my kitchen walls. if you guys didnt know what color i picked it was red! oh yeah its crazy u could say!! haha but yeah im about to head to dinner and cant wait, this place we are going to they said you make your own food! lol like from scratch, so this should be fun! ive never done that before in a restruant! haha but yeah anyways i thought i would just let u know wat ill be doing tonight and then tomorrow night donr forget ill be having my sunday night cam show! so dont miss it:) hehe ill be waiting on ya! well im going to go get a shower and get all ready to head out. its raining now which sucks but oh well, lol kisses

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