going to work out!!!

hey okay so i have a date with my trainer and me at the gym haha. he made me come in lol cuz basically i was slacking haha but oh well il glad im going. it will get me in the mood, hopefully,lol but yeah im going to get dressed and head out to the gym work on my booty and then head to 3xtoms prolly and pick up my gifts hehe i cant wait!!! im soo excited!! but anyways tonight i think i might be fixing some dinner, having a friend or 2 over and chilling, maybe watch some movies, i hear there are some good ones out! hehe this sucks cuz yesterday  i went to the ortho and well i got a new bottom ivisilign and well my teeth are still alittle sore and it sucks! lol i cant eat anything hard:( but anyways the good thing is it doesnt hurt to suck! haha okay im starting to sound alittle naughty, haha but anyways well i think i better get going i need to get a shower and get cleaned up! but il talk to u all later and write me if ya want! kisses

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