Hi again!

Wow did I have a funky ass night. I went to bed super early and all but I woke up around 7:00am and kept tossing and turning after that. My shoulders and arms kept hurting through out the night including my back and hips. I had a few hip problems when I was younger and they hurt me sometimes still but not as often. Well I woke up this morning in such severe pain that I couldnt breathe. I took a few big boy IB’s and it helped a little but not enough. So I went up to the office anyways. When I arrived and stepped into the office I was greated with hugs and a big box. I smiled and giggled excitedly as I opened it. Inside were 3 big heart shaped bags with red liquid inside. I  raised my eyebrows wondering what kind of funky ass sex toy it could be and I found out I was wrong. They were 3 massage…thingies..lol. Their is a metal piece inside each of them and it said to bend the metal piece inside of the bag back and forth. I did and everything inside began to crystalize. It was soooo neat looking. As it crystalized it became soooo warm. I threw one of them under my shirt on my lower back and the other two in my pants on my hips. lol. They helped alot. Thank you so very much Greyewulf that was so thoughtful and sweet of you. It turned out to be super convienient. Also….here is a super funny story that happend to me when i went in to grab a burger and frys at…Happy Burger clown mascot yellow archs place…lol..Im sure you all know where Im talking about. Well after i ordered and my food was all on the tray except for my drink I looked over and there was an older gentleman staring me down. He was glaring right at me and tilted his head as he guided his fingers right into his NOSE. lol!!! Oh buddy was he fucking diggin for gold!!! It was like some erotic experiance for him and I lost it right in front of everyone. I almost fell on the floor I was laughing so hard. He knew I was laughing at him but he wouldnt stop and just kept going for the back of his head. The worst part of it is that he worked there and was on the clock and grabbing someone elses food. I couldnt stop laughing. Well anyways Im outta here. Take care and I will talk to you all very soon. Love ya!!!

-Liz- xoxo

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