its the first of march!!

hey hey okay so its the first of march, yes im happy:) hehe cant wait till st patricks day! im going out and im going to be in all green hehe, im sure alot of u will be going out as well. soo tonight im making dinner, u wanna guess what? well if u do im making bonelss chicken with cream of chicken and herb in it and bake it for a hour and then with green beans and thinking about making mashed potatoes but i duno, that is alot of carbs haha since im watching my little healthy kick, hehe but i didnt work out much today, only got on the treadmill for like 20 min. but after i eat ill be working out alittle then taking some hot pics! yes im also going to be taking pics with my gifts i got from my members hehe thanks again everyone! i love them all, well ill talk to u guys later and see ya monday! muah kisses

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