Another weird day! lol.

Hey everyone. I’m having a pretty goofy day. Atleast I’m feeling better than I did yesterday. Last night was horrible after cam. I microwaved something and I guess it was old or something was wrong with it because after I ate it I got sick all over the place. It sucked!! Maybe it was just too spicy for me and hurt my stomach or something. My stomach has been really sensitive lately and hurting me. I don’t know why..I guess I have a big or something. Well I just hope I start feeling better…I mean I feel alot better today but when I woke up my tummy was hurting me real bad again but I just took it slow and easy and I have been feeling alot better since then. So I’m gunna go ahead and jump in the shower and see all of you at cam tonight from 9:00pm-10:00pm. Take care and see ya then. Muah!

-Liz Vicious- xoxo

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