Cant Find my Dump Card

Morning Guys,

� I have so many great pictures to share with you from our vacation but unfortunately I can not download them.� I can’t find the little stick I put my memory card in to so I can get them off my phone.� I have searched all over this room but didn’t find it.� I know I packed it some where though so I will look again before we go out this afternoon.�

� We are going for a run at 11 and then at 1:30 we have a guide coming to pick us up and take us on a sight seeing tour of the city.� It is kind of funny but we are looking forward to going to the big grocery store to see what kind of food they have that we have been missing for the last year.� Pretty funny huh?

� My sunburn has toned down to a nice golden color now.� We have been going through the sun block.� The sun index is a plus 10!� It is hot but their is a nice breeze so it doesn’t really bother us.� Kind of used to the heat by now anyways.�

� Hope you are having a good week.�

���� Kisses, Sammy

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