Brasil Beach Pics

Hi Guys,

  I found my dump card thingy majingy, yippee.  Here are just a couple of pics from our trip.  I will add more to the message board and I am saving all the naughty ones for my site. ;)
Sammy in Brasil holding a crab
hehe The crab freaked me out just a little bit.  He was tame or maybe just too old to squeeze his claws very hard.  Not sure but his pincher’s didn’t hurt.  Which is good cause I probably would have dropped him if they did hurt.

Sammy in Brasil with a huge palm tree
Where’s Sammy?  Can you even find me in this picture? Big Palm, huh?

We are heading further south this afternoon but I will try to get some more pictures posted to the message board before we take off. 

Hope you are having a good time.

Kisses, Sammy

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