clean clean clean!

soo today all i have been doing is spring cleaning my house! hehe thinking of having a garage sale and thought about going through all the stuff i dont use or wear and get rid of it! hehe i hate for my house to be all cluttered u know, soo i really havent done much at all today except clean, i ate some breakfast and then started on my closet, wow was that a job lol it took soo long, then i worked on under my bathroom sink, i had soo much stuff it was ridiculous! haha but yeah i feel better about being in my house now’! so tomorrow im going to the hospital, one of my family members will be having surgery, so i wont be home tomorrow til later that evening, i do have my cam show at 8pm est time. so i might be rushing to get back, but thought i would let everyone know now incase i was a few minutes late. aslo i will be picking someone that was in the drawing to win the feather duster yeah finally im doing it! lol sorry it has taken soo long, so goodluck to those who are in the drawing and well im going to get me a shower and get ready for my cam show tonight! cum see me! hehe kisses

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