1 more day in Paradise

Hi Guys,

  Hope you had a fun-filled weekend.  Today is our last day at the beach.  I am sad to be leaving such a beautiful place but the trip has been long and I can’t wait to get back home.  I really miss little Itty.  He will be so happy to see us.  He never holds a grudge for long.  Even though he really hates being left all alone I am sure he has gotten plenty rested for our return. 

  Just looked at the weather report for London and it is suppose to snow while we are there.  OMG I would just stay cuddled up in my nice warm hotel all night but we have tickets to go see Wicked so we are going to have to venture out.  Burr.

  Heading down to the pool now to get my last dose of sunshine.

  Kisses, Sammy

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