fixing something good for dinner! hehe

hey hey well today i have been hanging out and i actually got up this morning put in a roast with veggies in a crock pot and let it cook all day for dinner! hehe my first roast and it was really tasty hehe that im glad of, my dad came over and we hung out watched american idol and ate some dinner. i think he enjoyed it. oh then we went downstairs and we played ping pong with a few other of my friends that were over! hehe so it was cool to spend some time with him. oh earlier when i was at the house before he came by i had my cam show at 5pm est time. i have a new webcam which is pretty cool. i have 2 of them now. so that way incase i forget my other one somewhere haha. anyways im going to be online answering some emails and then off to bed. im heading to toms tomorrow will be out there but ill be bringing my laptop with me! hehe well gotta get going im going to get me a shower then chill online, so hit me up with an email if you all have time! kisses

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