went to look for hardwood!

hey hey okay so today has been pretty busy hehe so i just got back home and was up at 3xtoms all day and then headed to my cousins house, not the one in the hospital but the other one. hung out there for alittle with some family and then headed to one of his friends he knows that sells hardwood and also carpet. ive been thinking about ripping up the carpet just downstairs and putting hardwood down, so i looked at some samples and the guy actually let me take the samples home, so ill be taking those back tomorrow haha. but yeah ive been figuring what im wanting to do with that, then i ate and played with the doggies alittle and now on here chatting with ya! hehe i really am glad that i get to relax for alittle. hehe its one of my favorite things to do, lay on the couch like a hot potatoe hehe okay anyways so im going to get on my wishlist alittle and pick out some hot stuff, since ill be heading to cabo here in a few weeks! i cant wait:) if you havent yet check out my wishlist! hehe kisses and have a great day!

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