Just gave the dogs a bath!lol

okay so today its all raining and i was soo excited to go take pics outside:( oh well so i guess ill jus have to wait till next time! hehe but i just got done giving the dogs a bath and wow are they happy! hehe and wow do i stink like dogs!lmao hehe  oh well i dont mind im going to hop in the shower in a little! hehe anyways tonight ill be on a radio station, so maybe you can swing in and listen to me! hehe im sure we will be having it recorded so that means that for those who might miss it, we should have it on the site for you to listen to hehe:) the radio station is called Global Seduction Radio! hehe im excited, but only bad thing is i was planning on seeing 300 tonight:( so i guess ill have to wait cause i have to get on it at 10pm est time:( oh well ill get to see it at some point ,lol okay so i need to get going but just thought i would let ya know what ive been doing since i got up! hehe taking care of my babies! kisses

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