rainy day:(

hey there, so today its been like a poopy day,lol when it rains i hate it cause pretty sure it just makes you all tired and lazy and all i want to do when it rains is put on some pj’s and jus lay around watch t.v. get online and thats about it! lol but yeah i was planning on going to see 300 but i think im going to wait till tuesday to go. i think tonight im going to have a few people over and just hang out at the house with the animals! hehe they have been alone all day, i was over at 3xtoms and i got to see my girl liz. its always good catching up. so yeah ill be answering on some emails today but i just want you all to know how i was feeling today and if anyone can think of any good movies to go and rent let me know in an email! hehe im thinking movie night:) hehe kisses

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