Moving sux!

Wow this is so much work and so much headache! lol. Im sore all over. I have been helping with everything. I moved a bed by myself, a dresser, packed, cleaned, unpacked, relocated all kinds of random shit I wish I would have NEVER purchased. lol. Just a lot of work. I have had a lot of help though I mean its not like I’m doing all this by myself I’m just doing it because I’m able and I’d rather not be the typical girl who sits on her ass and wraps china in newspaper. lol. But ANYHOOOOOOOOOOOO…lol. Its a bunch of work but it will be so worth it. After I move in and get all settled in at my new I am going to celebrate and glue myself to the couch…oh no wait I still have to paint. oh well. talk to ya soon, take care, love ya, see ya in the funnies,..etc lol. love you all. muah!

-Tired- xoxo lol…-Liz- xoxo

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