I have a new friend!

I made a new friend. He is an awesome guy and so sweet. I love talking with him can I can just be myself. His name is Jon Crosby. He has such a beautiful and powerful voice. I have cried and danced and loved his music for sooo long and now we are buddies!!! I hope our friendship grows and lasts and I’m hopeful that it will. ) Also I’m going to go see Type O Negative and hang out. I love Type O Negative sooooo fucking much! They are my number one favorite band! They are a great group and fucking awesome people! lol. I love them….fucking…LOVE them!!! lol. I am so excited to go see them for the first time and sooooo very very excited and happy about meeting them! Anyways I’ve got lots to do today and I will see you during my cam show tonight from 11:00pm-12:00am EST. K? K! Love you take care and see ya in the funnies!!! lol. I hope you can all make it to the show tonight. Muah!

-Liz- xoxo

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