packing for vegas!

okay soo ive been running around like a chicken with my head cut off haha. just got back from a yummy italian dinner! hehe one thing that sucks is i was actually trying to find a certain white dress for the first night out in vegas but couldnt find it:( sooo i got home and now i have to do the sucky part! which is packing up:( i hate doing it, i mean its not as bad as unpacking haha. but yeah i cant wait to hang out with the girls! its going to be alot of fun! for sure… so this is what we are planning so far on doing. friday night going to pure nightclub, then sat.. going to jet.. then sunday night going to bodyenglish.. so i cant wait! i hope we have lots of fun but one thing is ill miss u guys soo much! i hope u all miss me:) hehe but yeah i need to answer some emails before i start packing. lol but think of me while im gone and ill be thinking of you all! kisses and night!

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