Glad to be back!

hey there okay so im back from vegas and wow did i have fun! hehe it was a great time and i cant wait to go back! haha but i actually got back monday night but then didnt do anything when i got home!lol i was soo tired. but the first night i got there i had alot of fun til i went and ate sushi and got sick:( so ended up not doing anything. but as soon as i got to hardrock i seen bonjovi and also seen kfed you know britneys ex.. he was gambling at the craps table. so the next day i went out and layed by the pool in a cabana we had and the waitress had said that ryan secrest was supposed to be sitting next to us. i was like thats pretty cool. hehe but he never showed up. later that night we went out to pure and wow was that fun! vip and i seen shanna moakler out there. it was her birthday! hehe then left there went to jet and hung out with some friends out there. and the last night i was there i went out to body english and had a great time, i even got a shout out at the club! haha and i also met xzibit. he was sweet and we got a pic with him! but my trip was very fun and met a lot of new and interesting people! cant wait to go back:) but now im back and been kinda busy looking at a few houses here and there. thinking about moving! i jus want some land that i can get a horse or 4wheelers and enjoy it:) where im at now i dont have hardly any land:( but anyways il be online for alittle then going to take some naughty pics! hehe so come say hey! kisses

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