What a crazy and stressful week!

Well I know how odd moving is and how it can be a little stressful but this has been way too upsetting. My land lord is a total heartless, cold, crazy, evil (not in a good way lol), bastard piece of shit asshole! He threatened me with a gun and all kinds of crazy shit!!! I cant believe all of this. He also said that he would say that I was always late on rent and that I destroyed the house and all this other crazy shit if I didn’t give him money! I cant believe it!!! I am getting it all taken care of though. This all has me so stressed out and highly upset and I have been having a lot of panic attacks and stuff. I need a vacation or something. Well besides all of that I’m happy and healthy! lol. I miss you all soo much and after this nightmare is taken care of and I get my office everything will be back to normal and I will be on here every single day all day! lol. I cant wait. AND I am getting my office soon. So there wont be much of a wait. lol. Well love you all, take care, and see ya in the funnies! lol. Muah!

-Liz- xoxo

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