back at home!

hey hey well i had a great weekand. hehe so i got suprised by a friend and well we ended up going in the mountains in a cabin which was soo pretty! i was suprised for sure. it was alot of fun and i got in the hot tub and it was jus a great time! hehe so now im back and wondering how everyone elses weekand has been? i know one thing for the next 2 weeks im hitting the gym like every day! haha i have to get all fit for cabo. i cant wait really its going to be soo much fun! hehe i just ate alittle bit ago and wow do i not feel well? i wonder why.. i hope i get better. dont forget i have my cam show at 11pm est time. so come in and see me. im watching the girls next door right now! haha i love that show:) okay well see you all tonight! kisses

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