catching back up!

hello there, so today i have been basically busy! haha i just got home and now have to rush to get ready cause i have a cam show at 8pm est time. but anyways today i have been out running around, went to toms today, had a meeting and then left there went to get me a healthy lunch hehe soup and salad:) after that went home changed clothes and went and washed my car cause it needed it! haha and well i bet you would guess this…. went to work out! haha i had a pretty good work out! and now im going to be going strong with it every day till i go to cabo. also i am on my diet now:( which sucks. well i think im going to start it tomorrow! haha but yeah i have my cam show now so i need to hop in the shower but was thinking of letting you guys see me take one? what do you say? hehe well let me know here in alittle see ya soon!

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