Karla Spice in a short plaid mini skirt

karla spice

Karla is looks pretty hot when she was walking to class one day in her short plaid skirt, tight red shirt, and those sexy heels. She saw some schoolboys playing some football and she tried to think of ways to distract them. Karla started to lift her skirt up to give them a look of her tight teen ass and pulled down her shirt to show off her bare shoulders. This naughty teen wasn’t even wearing a bra and her nipples pressed hard against her shirt and got hard. She soon showed the guys her lacy panties but tried to be all shy with it and acted like it was a accident. Soon she noticed she was getting a little excited herself and started to take more and more pieces of clothing off. Sexy little Karla was soon topless in the street and had all the guys going wild! She sure distracted them! Click here to see more!

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