My friend Candy Corn.

Well in the midst of all this crazy ass confusion and tornado of pain and torment I have had a light in it all. I have been in hell and my world has been turned upside down. Me and her need each other. Its a good feeling. Well sorry to make this so short. The only things I have left to talk about is the pain and tornado of grief and fear and all the horrible things you and I never want. I dont want anyone here to ever be sad or hurt. I love you all sooo very very much. ) Take care and see ya in the funnies! Love you and keep your heads up no matter what. See you very very soon. Like I said..dont be discouraged I am getting all the technical things figured out as quickly as possible. I cant make the connection companies instal things at gun point or I might really think about it. lol. Muah!

 -Liz- xoxo

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