New Benefit of Being a SAMMY4U Member!

Hi Guys,

  Hope you are having a good day.  My days started out yucky but got better as it went on.  Had to go to the dentist this morning, first thing.  That really sucked.  But I got it out of the way early and then had the rest of the day to feel traumatized by the experience. lol  No, really… it wasn’t as bad as I expected.  More annoying then anything. 

  So after that I just stayed home all day and worked.  I did take an hour off to hit the gym but other then that it was alot of work today.  Had some problems with spammers on my message board so I had to read the help files to see what I could do about it.  I changed the sign up process so now when you register you have to confirm by e-mail and you’ll get one of those boxes that you have to fill in what it says.  Not sure what they are called but I am sure you have seen them before.  I don’t particularly like them but they do serve their purpose. 

   I had to change my camshow that I was going to do tomorrow.  I have another appointment.  I haven’t rescheduled it yet but I am going to do it this weekend.  Some time that is more US friendly.  I have been doing alot of late night cam shows so I would like to get an earlier one in so I can see all my US guys. 

  If you haven’t been to my message board today make sure you check it out.  Specifically a thread named “Want FREE Rude Chips?”.  You will find a new benefit of being a Sammy4u member.  I have gotten alot of great feedback about the new benefit.  Of course who is going to complain about money staying in their pocket?  You don’t get an offer like this on any other site.  I was able to work out a great deal with the Rude guys.  You just don’t know all I had to do to get this worked out. It was well worth it though. hehe

  Ganna run.  Chat with you later.

     Kisses, Sammy

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