such a sad weekand:(

hey everyone, well i have had a pretty upsetting weekand. and its not getting any better. so first thing i hope everyone has had a great weekand. so friday i found out that my landscaper that was taking rocks out of my yard, well he accidently cut the cable wire in the ground so this whole weekand i didnt have any internet or cable:( but yeah i am over at toms house now catching up on emails and stuff online. but hopefully the cable company will have it fixed by tomorrow. so then yesterday i found out that my cousin had been in  a bad car accident. i went up to hospital yesterday to support her and she is in intensive care. i hope that she does get better. she is in surgery now. so this whole weekand has been a great one:( so sorry if im alittle to short on writing this but im jus worried about her. so hope everyone here understands and sorry that i havent been online the past 2 days. but i will be answering emails today so write me if u want to;) ill let ya know whats up tomororw! kisses

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