i have internet again!

okay so i know you all knew that i didnt have internet this weekand. well the good news is that the cable guy came today and fixed it! so now im back here. another cool thing is that my cousin has pulled through her surgery and im glad! i was worried about her. thanks everyone for all the prayers! so now i have cabo coming up wednesday. i leave then and wil be back sunday night but late. sooo my sunday cam show wil more the likely be canceled. but the monday and tuesday one will be up! hopefully ill be all nice and tan and have some tan lines for ya! haha so yeah now i need to get a shower and get ready for my cam show tonight at 8pm est time. so i hope everyone can try and make it. tuesdays show im not sure if il be making cause i have so much to do i dont think il be home intime:( but anyways talk to you all soon! kisses

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