Hectic in the House!

Hello Guys,

  So much is going on here this week.  Tomorrow is Bretts birthday and we have a friend arriving in town around midnight.  We haven’t started packing for our move yet.  We have kind of organized the house and got some of it split up in to what stays and what goes piles.  I hope I can get some of the packing done today cause once our friend arrives that is going to distract us from doing it. 

  Still not sure where we are moving.  So many places, so little time. lol  We will be going back to the American side of the world though, I know that much.  I know many of you are happy about that since the house cams will be more active. 

  I will have a new movie update for you tomorrow and I have another treat for you coming up Saturday.

  Kisses, Sammy

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