New Picture Set – Getting Frisky

Hi Guys,

  I uploaded a new picture set to my site today. 
Getting Frisky new pictures set of Sammy4u
Here is a bit of what was going on that day… 

What better way to spend a rainy afternoon then getting into some sexy lingerie and getting down right frisky? Ok, could have been better if I had some of my sexy girlfriends and their husbands over but that was an option this day. So, I had to make myself happy, luckily I know exactly how to do that. I have had plenty of experience getting myself off. I bet you already knew that about me though, didn’t you? Well ya know a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do and when it comes to my orgasms I can take care of business.
Of course you never know what dirty things are floating around in my mind while my fingers are playing the yellow pages on my pussy. This particular day I was thinking about a big orgy we had in Kansas City a few months ago…

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