I had such a fun time last night!

My gorgious friend Rae came over last night and we had a fucking blast! She is so fucking hot! I mean the sexiest woman I have ever met…besides my Mom. lol. She is sooo fucking sexy, wild, brave, smart, talented as hell!!!, has a kick ass sense of style  and she always looks amazing, and just a breathtaking person. She always looks good. If she were to shave the rest of her hair, that she has that she didnt already shave because she has bangs and a kick ass hawk with sleek multi-colored long perfect size shape and no bumps or frizzies
dreads…or dread falls or whatever they’re called…I dun know cuz I don’t have them, off along with her eyebrows that she already shaves off she would still be an absolutely drop dead smoking hot fox!  lol. But she is just fucking awesome and a kick ass person. Even if she was a short, hairy, balding, lumpy, peg legged, 3 eyed midget with aborigine tits she would still be a kick ass awesome person that just blows your mind and I would still be proud as fuck to call her my friend. Last night was sooo fucking fun and very sexy. BUT I am going to tell you all the juicy details tomorrow. lol. Love ya take care bye.

-Liz- xoxo

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