i hate rainy days:(

so im like in one of those moods when it gets all rainy and gloomy outside. i guess you could call it yucky feeling! haha i mean i wish it was sunny outside:) so today all i have done is hang out at the house, and omg last night at my cam show, it was pretty funny! lol i was about done with my show and all of a sudden the window started making noise? it was the rain and it was hitting real hard, so then i went to look outside and the wind was blowing hard and my big heavy trashcan even tipped over. there were a few signs in peoples yards that were blowing around and then i startd to hear sirens. so i went upstairs told everyone bye and boom the power went out:( i was scared for a sec but then it turned back on! hehe i need to get me more flashlights in the house! haha but yeah i was fine after about 30 min, but hope everyone has a great day! ill be online later! kisses

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