See ya tomorrow!

Hi Guys,

  It has been a crazy past couple of days here.  As you know Brett got his surgery yesterday.  He was doing pretty good but once they cut off the morphine the pain got worse then it was before the surgery.  I guess the nerve has to heal before the pain will subside. 

  All of our stuff from Florida also arrived yesterday.  So between running back and forth to the hospital and unpacking I am exhausted.  I still have more to unpack and put away tomorrow.  I found the two cam and movies computers I was waiting for.  Now I have to find the cords to hook them up.  And then the real test is going to be to see if I can actually get them hooked up and running properly. lol 

  I am going to do tomorrow shows just for you members instead of on the rude network.  So I will see you on the 8-way chat tomorrow at 2pm edt. )

  Kisses, Sammy

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