Most Frustrated Ever

Hi Guys,

  I am sorry no voyeur cams are up yet.  I have everything I need.  Everything is working but nothing is working the correct way.  I can get everything to work separately but I can not get anything to work together.  I am so frustrated right now I really want to throw all my PCs out the freaking window.  The only reason I am not is because I would probably get arrested for endangerment.  Three PCs flying out the 19th story window all at once might do some harm. lol

  I know during cam show I said I wanted to make it out to happy hour but that didn’t happen.  I have been messing around with getting everything and trying to hook it all together since then.  I did get a really nice looking monitor, for all the good it does me.  It will only work with the pc that I can not get connected to the internet.  The cams pc has replicated the same picture on the monitor three times, all over lapping one another.  And my laptop is working fine on its own but when I hook it up to any of the others it won’t do shit. 

  OMG, I am sure you do not want to hear anymore.  Just please know that I am really trying to get everything to work.  I want to get the cams up and movies processed for updates but I am just not able to get these things to work with me.  Brett usually does all this shit and I can not figure it out.  All the instructions make it seem so easy.. just plug this and that in and it will all work… bullshit, it will not.  I freaking hate computers today.  I really really really do. 

  I wish Brett was feeling better so he could fix all this.  He could probably come in here and figure it all out in a couple of minutes.  It is probably something silly, although I have checked everything I can possibly think of.  I don’t know what else to do but call the geek squad tomorrow.  Hopefully they make house calls on the weekends. 

  I am going to have lunch/dinner and a drink all right now.  Watch some brainless TV and fall asleep.  Someone should send some little elves over to fix this while I am zonked out.  That would be fabulous to wake up and everything is working properly.  I think I would cream in my panties right then.  Actually I know I would and I would give a great blow job to every freaking elf as well. So, now my over taxed mind has turned to doing sexual favors with elves!  I definitely need a drink and a couch. 

  I hope your weekend has started out better then mine.  And I am sorry to rant.. of course I could delete the whole post and write something all rosie and cheery if I was really that sorry.  Either way, I am out of here now.  Going to do a few Pm’s and then checking out for the evening.

  XO Sammy

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