back from florida:)

hey there everyone! so i got back late last night from florida and im glad to be back. it sucked cause when i first got there it was raining so bad and i thought it would never stop. the bad thing was i had brought bikinis and tank tops and if i would have known it was going to rain i would have packed more! haha but i had fun and glad that i went and seen my friends i havent seen in a while. so today i had my cam show and wow was i happy to see everyone:) hehe im so glad that you all came to see me today. hope ya had a fun time with me:) hehe but yeah ill be online answering emails so hit me up with one later if you would like:) i have some big things coming up that im pretty excited about. i hope that everything goes well;) ok well have a good night talk to you all soon! kisses

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