Out to the Movies

Evening Guys,

  We ended up getting out of the house last night for a few drinks like I said I wanted to.  Had a good time.  Did a little bar hopping and then ended the night at the strip club down the road.  It is kind of a bad idea to have a strip club with in walking distance. lol  Had too many martinis and felt it today.  yuck. 

  Went to see Mr.Brooks this evening.  It was really good.  Can’t wait for the next two films in the series to come out.  I hope they don’t make me wait too long for them.  I want to know how it all wraps up.  Saw a preview for a new Christain Bail movies as well.  He is a kick ass actor so I can’t wait for his new movie to come out as well.

  Hitting the sack now.  I am so tired.  Been waiting to go back to bed since I woke up. haha 

   Kisses, Sammy

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