freaked out!

hey there okay so last night i freaked out on tinker. so i had took her to the vet earlier yesterday and so when we got home she just layed around being her lazy self!haha but she had got her shots and stuff. well last night i was looking at her and her face was swelling up! it was aweful. i didnt know what to do? so i had took her to the emergency vet and they kept her for like a few hours. so i ended up being out there really late and didnt get back till like 1 or 2 in the morning. but i apologize that i couldnt do my cam show last night, i hope you all understand. but i ended up finding out that she was just alergic to the medicine. but yeah i was just worried about her. so anyways im going to catch up on some emails from last night and il definitly be at my cam show at 8pm est time tonight! kisses and see ya there

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