got me some sun!

hey hey so today is soo nice out and i just got back from laying out with a few friends. so now im here and i just got on to make sure that my cam is working properly lol. and it is:) hehe so im going to lay around while i wait for the time to go by. but one thing on my way home i picked up some food and wow am i tired! i ate too much too fast:( i hate when that happens! but anyways after my cam show i have to go meet my nail lady and get my nails and toes done. hehe after i get my pedicure im going to do a foot fetish video. i have had some requests:) so yeah i am thinking about doing a grill out too, not sure though gotta call up some friends and see if they can make it out:) its tuesday, alot of them are at work or busy. but anyways ill talk to you all soon, see ya at my cam show:) kisses

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